Love is the reason for love

sneha patel - akshitarak

​Love is the reason of Love !

Be thankful for the one

Who is with you till they can

Its just a dream to live and die till end of life

Forget about this dream

Nobody is ready to die with you!!!

Saahir Ludhyanvi,

उतना ही उपकार समझ कोई

जितना साथ निभा दे

जनम मरन का मेल है सपना

ये सपना बिसरा दे

कोई न संग मरे |
– સાહિર લુધિયાનવી.
As soon as its 6 o’clock alarm started, on hearing alarm Vanita opened her eyes still in a deep sleep ,she tries to find out the button to put off the alarm , and puts off the alarm, as soon as she puts off the alarm she remembers something all of sudden.

‘ Ohh, its Sunday today, off from office and forgot to reset the alarm…’

Human beings are prone to forget and make mistakes but clock never…

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