-कल रात मेरे ख़्वाबमें तुम आये थे!-जयश्री मर्चन्ट

 jayshree Merchant with Rajulben and Vijay Shah


I remember, how I used to badger you to write only once, A poetry for me during our 42 plus years of togetherness. It will be an year to that fatal accident on December 8th and you passed away early morning on December 9, last year, leaving me, Jesal and Bhavin behind you, devastated and shocked with a vacuum in our life. We, all are still struggling to fill this vacuum and perhaps we will never, ever be able to fill it either.

But, Today, all those tender moments along with some nasty fights of our life are just floating in my mind and heart. They are so dear to me that it has filled my heart, soul and mind with your unspoken and unexpressed love in words yet your caring and love was spilling to its rim in every actions of yours.

I do know you are in the best peaceful place. Today, I think, if you have to write a poem for me, what would you write? I have imagined and written this poem on your behalf. I love you and miss you at every moment of my life, my dear. Rest in peace always. Believe me, I am in love with you head over hill and will always be till my last breath. This is your poem from the divine world of yours, if you were to write today.

-कल रात मेरे ख़्वाबमें तुम आये थे!
तुमने पहेनी हुई धुंडका आँचल ढला हुआ था…!
हाथ और पांवकी मेहंदी महेक रही थी!
झुल्फोंकी घटा फूलोंसे बहेक रही थी…!
कानोंमें सितारोंकी बाली सजी हुई थी…!

-कल रात मेरे ख़्वाबमें तुम आये थे!
मेरे तो दो आंखोंके चाँद-सूरज समंदरमें डूब गये थे…!
और फिर भी मैं देख रहा था,
तुम्हारे होंठों पर ओसकी नमी-सी थी….!
पर तुम्हारा चेहरा क्युं धुँधला-सा था…..!
….और मैं अपनी अंगुलीका सिंदुर तुम्हारी मांगमें
भरनेको अपने हाथ आगे बढ़ा रहा हुँ…..!
……और मेरी आँखे खुल जाती है…..!

मेरे दांतोंमें दबी हुई, मेरी अंगुलिसे, अब भी,
बेतहाशा खून बह रहा है….मजबूर मैं, बस देखता रहेता हुँ!
-कल रात मेरे ख़्वाबमें तुम आये थे!

जयश्री विनु मरचंट, “शबाब”
डिसेम्बर ४,२०१५

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